Clinical Director Dr Rory Harvey
Head of Network Sri Vijay
Clinical Lead(s) Tonia Dawson
Patient and Public Involvement Lead Justine Thompson


About our Network

The East of England Clinical Network for Cancer has a vision to improve quality of life and outcomes for patients by driving out unacceptable variation in pathways of care; reducing inequality of access to all aspects of care, and redesigning the way we work with primary care.


Our Strategic Aims are to:

  • Support the design and set up of the Cancer Alliances and delivery of their work programme
  • Support the design, set up and delivery of Clinical Advisory Groups into the Cancer Alliance
  • Support the service to meet the 62 day waiting times standard, including the new 28 day to confirmation of diagnosis standard 
  • Support pilots of the Multidisciplinary Diagnosis Centres with the aim of diagnosing cancers earlier
  • Support the service in the roll out of the Recovery Package 
  • Support work across whole pathways of care (e.g. the lung cancer pathway) to improve patient experience and outcomes, and enable more effective use of the budgets available 
  • Support the Cancer Alliance in ensuring coordinated care between health and social care in the delivery of palliative and end of life care (for all patients with long term conditions)