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Clinical Networks - what are they?

The Clinical Networks are hosted by NHS England. Clinical Networks (CNs) are non statutory bodies.

However, they are able and, indeed, charged with adopting whole system approaches to healthcare design, working with both commissioners to reduce service variations as well as with providers across complex pathways of care.

Each network has a clinical director, a network lead, and a network project team. The work for each network is driven by a strategic clinical leadership group chaired by the clincial director. Initial work to determine priority areas for each network is already underway, and will develop further as the networks mature.

Linking clinical provision and commissioning

CNs provide the opportunity to focus on identified health issues from a broad strategic perspective.

They will help commissioners reduce unwarranted variation in services and will encourage innovation to delivery effective change to services where required across the capital.

Through greater collaboration between providers across different levels of the system, networks offer the ability to develop best value care pathways with long lasting improvements in quality. CNs will help to develop these for use across all settings of care (community, primary, secondary, tertiary care) in the capital.

CNs are currently creating the infrastructure to create this change. Once in place, the CNs can ensure that evidence based clinical decisions link with local commissioning intentions.